Dear Internet passerby,

I’m a 40-something software developer, based in the US. I work as engineering director at a fairly successful midsize tech company. I have a background equal parts development and operations. I’ve worked in various organizations, from academia to web startups to large, private SaaS. I’ve also worked in a few non-profits, including founding a Christian church in the United States.

Random topics of interest you might find on this website:

  • technology, productivity, automation;
  • angel investing (particularly to black entrepreneurs);
  • leadership;
  • ecclesiology (what is a church?);
  • epistemology (what is truth?);
  • languages (human and computer);
  • communities;
  • fitness;
  • transportation 🚲;
  • aviation;
  • travel.

I’m also a father of teenagers, ama.



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Here’s a picture of my dog: